FrontPage Extensions stopped working

Apr 5, 2010 at 7:47 PM

First CUDOES! for a well done job with this project..  all works fine, my only suggestiosn is the file downloaded does not 100% correspond with the install video (Missing files in the install folder)  anyway my major reason for this post, was to say after using FrontPage extension to connect to a website for over 3 years I never had a problem, however immediatly after installing the setup and configuring and then doing a reboot, my FrontPage connections fail.  Here is the front Page error, but it seems to be a generic connection page load, but I can assure you that the site works fine, it is just Sharepoint/frontpage exentions


      500 Server Error
     Server Error   The server was unable to process your request.

Any ideas?

Apr 5, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Make sure you download the recommended version. Add the Frontpage extension files in the exclusion files (*.dll will do). I don't recommend you to use this filter with SharePoint. SharePoint is already designed to prevent SQL injections. The video was prepared for one of the first versions of the ISAPI and it is outdated but it is still effective.

See more details about the exclusion in this thread:




Rodney Viana


Apr 5, 2010 at 10:55 PM

Hi Rodney,

Everything seems installed and working, and downloded the correct version, FrontPage extensions are in the Allowed.  The problem is not the extension, the problem is connecting to one of the site that have the filter installed/configured.  I can open any site on the same server except the sites that have the filter configured.  The problem is the server/user authentication.

Here are the errors when trying to save a new page or loading the Web:


"The server sent a response which FrontPage could not Parse. If you are trying to connect to a Windows Sharepoint server, check with the server's administrator to make sure Windows SharePoint services in installed Properly"

Loading the web:

"You do not have permission to do this operation. Ask youe siteadministrator to chane your permission and then try again, or log on with a user account that has permission."


Now I am using the admin account as I have for years, so it is not that..


Any clue?